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The ideal equipment for obtaining grain or seeds working samples without the manipulation of the operator. The system works by gravity, without the need of any energy source.

It offers reliable and true results.

The homogenized and reduced working sample represents the initial batch, thus this equipment offers the certainty of a fair and impartial classification. The channels have been engineered in such way that their dimensions are suitable to avoid obstructions, and the process of reducing the initial sample amount occurs in approximately 15 seconds.

The Gehaka Multichannel Homogenizers and Sample Reducers can be used to receive grain, seeds and other granular products either from manually collected samples or from samples collected by pneumatic grain collectors systems.


MULTIX Device - Allows making a second pass of the reduced product in the machine, which could increase or decrease the working sample.

Collector & Cone Disperser - Enables the interconnection of the Gehaka Multichannel Homogenizer & Dividers with grain sampling’s pneumatic collecting systems, allowing a continuous grain flow as a closed system. (*) For the templates 8:1, 16:1 and 32:1

Available in four models: 4:1, 8:1, 16:1 and 32:1

Made in stainless steel, aluminum and wood

Applications: grain and seed receiving/shipping

facilities, laboratory rooms, universities, grain processing facilities, grain-warehousing facilities

Approx. hopper capacities (1): Up to 10 kilograms of sample, model 4:1 only; Up to 15 kilograms of sample, all other models*.

*(when the optional Collector & Distributor is not used) (1) Final capacity will depend on the grain density

Grain Homogenizers, splitters and sample reducers
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