Moisture analyzer IV2500

Moisture is one of the most important factors for assessing, qualifying and conserving substances: organic, mineral or chemical.

The IV 2500 employs a drying system for analyzing the moisture content, thus enabling its use on the widest range of products.

The combination of a semi-analytical balance with a ceramic infrared dryer allows obtaining high precision moisture measurements by means of simple operations.

With its traditional and proven application, the IV 2500 features improvements that makes this device even more essential on research and quality control laboratories, and on manufacturing processes.


Possibility of choosing the measure for getting the results in moisture percentage or total solids.

It stores products drying parameters on a non-volatile memory.

Two drying programs (Standard; Auto-dry).

Programmable timer from 2 to 99 minutes, for controlling the drying times.

Auto Dry system monitors the drying and, when the moisture value is stabilized, an alarm sounds, indicating the end of the measurement.

Pre-Heating function keeps the IV 2500 on the set temperatures, thus speeding the drying process.

Programmable RS-232 serial or USB outputs for printing the moisture reading every 10 seconds or only the final measurement.

Technical specification

Measuring range 0.01% / 0.01%
Temperature control 1ºC
Temperature environment of use 50º ~ 200ºC.

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