Portable grain moisture meter G650i

The G650i is the state-of-the art in compact grain moisture and foreign material tester. It consists of an electronic scale, two thermometers and a capacitance meter. All measurement management is carried out by a state-of-the-art internal microprocessor.

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In addition to measuring the moisture content of the grain sample accurately, quickly and safely, the G650i also allows the percentage calculation of impurities and damaged grains through its built-in digital scale, by simply accessing the “Dockage” function.

It also allows determining the apparent density of the grain sample with a very simple operation through the “Test Weight” function.

The Serial RS232C data interface enables complete reports to be issued with all measurement data, moisture (%M), foreign materials (%) or test weight (kg/hl or lb/bu).

The set of features of Model G650i makes this tester an ideal for fieldwork “FOB purchases” and to monitor grain classification processes.

What ensures G650i quality and accuracy?
Technology and scientific monitoring. The calibration curves for each type of grain are obtained based on the standard stove methodology, complying with the internationals standards and regulations. The calibrations contained in G650i are laboratory tested and validated annually by our researchers and specialized technicians to ensure the accuracy of results in the grain moisture measurement.

Selection of Calibration Curves via Internet
All grain calibration curves are available on www.moisturetester.com.br. We can select, update and create new curves for G650i through this site.In addition to the calibration curves, we can also update the G650i’s firmware thus ensuring that the tester is always updated with the latest improvements developed by Gehaka.

Micro processed, it measures the moisture and temperature in up to 15 seconds, doing all the calculations automatically and indicating the results, eliminating the use of charts, tables, manual calculations and corrections.

It performs the measurement without destroying the sample.

Serial RS232C data interface. It can be connected to a printer or to a computer.

It performs the calculations required for the grain classification, such as impurities, defects, test weight and moisture.

It generates complete reports after each measurement, informing all collected data and the measurement performed. It also issues calibration reports and about the equipment condition.

It has a real-time clock with date and time, which are printed on the measurement report.

All commands are performed with only five self-explanatory keys.

Backlit alphanumeric display with texts which make the operations simple and intuitive.

It performs self-calibration at every measurement in just four seconds, ensuring its reliability.

With the “auto shut-off” function, after five minutes idle, the G650i shuts off automatically to save the battery power.

Portable and adaptable to the power grid, Model G650i is powered by a 9 volt Alkaline battery or by an AC/DC adapter connected to the electric power, operating from 90 to 240 Volts. The battery charge indicator shows when the change is required. G650i can, optionally, be powered by a rechargeable battery.

Technical specification

Carrying case It houses the unit and its accessories
Digital scale 1,000 g x 0.1 g - Combined Error of ± 0.2 g
External dimensions (W x H x D) 345 x 300 x 168 mm (W x H D)
Indication of the specific weight According to the scale
Instrument net weight 3,90 Kg
Power source 9 Volt Alkaline Battery or 90 to 240 VAC - automatic network adapter
Printer (optional) Thermal
Reading division 0,1 %
Sample weight for impurity calculation Up to the capacity of the weighing vat
Sample weight to measure the moisture 80 g < weight < 180 g according to the product
Thermometer 0º to 100 ºC (with ± 0.3 ºC accuracy)
Type of port communication Bidirectional, Serial RS232C

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