Moisture analyzer IV3100

Possibility of choosing the measure for getting the results in moisture percentage or total solids.

It stores products drying parameters on a non-volatile memory.

Temperature adjustment interval of 1ºC.

Video de demonstração do IV3100


Four drying programs (Standard; Fast; Slow; Step by step).

Programmable timer from 2 to 99 minutes, for controlling the drying times.

Auto Dry system monitors the drying and, when the moisture value is stabilized, an alarm sounds, indicating the end of the measurement.

Pre-Heating function keeps the IV 3100 on the set temperatures, thus speeding the drying process.

Programmable RS-232 serial or USB output for printing the moisture reading every 10 seconds or only the final measurement.

Technical specification

Measuring range 0.01%
Temperature control 50º ~ 200ºC

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