Total organic carbon analyser TOC2200 FARMA

Ideal system for measuring Laboratory (bench) Conductivity and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water pharmaceutical grade PW / WFI and Water Laboratory Grade ASTM Type I and II.

Fully meets the standard USP (American) and Pheu (European) adopted by the National Health Surveillance Agency - ANVISA.

The device has what is most modern technology Oxidation of Carbons, uses no chemical reagent in the analysis and is ideal for bench testing.

Video de demonstração do TOC2200 FARMA



     - Qualification Documents and Inspection of Factory
    - Electronic Calibration Certificates
    - Input Connections and its adapters
    - Power cord
    - Thermal Printer.
    - Pump External Adjustment and Verification

Technical specification

Weight 4 kg
Analysis method Oxidação fotocatalítica
Display Alfanumérico com backlight e 4 linhas de 16 caracteres cada
External dimensions (W x H x D) 260 x 330 x 150 mm
Indication of the specific weight 1 a 2.000 ppb
Power source 110 ou 220 VAC - 50 / 60 Hz
Precision ± 10 ppb (tempo de análise inferior a 5 minutos)
Reading division 1 ppb

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