Precision balance

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Gehaka analytical and semianalytic electronic scales are used in laboratories, industries and commerce.

They are used for a wide range of jobs: from simple weighing of a material to product formulation, part counting, density determination, etc.

You can attach them to computers for weighing data acquisition and for use in specific client programs.

Gehaka also provides a number of optional accessories, including weighing control processors, which calculate and print complete weighing statistics.

All scales are extremely accurate - they have divisions up to 0.0001g. When used with the protective hood, they ensure that air currents will not interfere with the measurement.

To ensure the smallest deviation possible, they are used inside a special weighing room, with controlled temperature and humidity conditions and special anti-vibration tables.

The Gehaka semianalytic balances operate analogously to analytical ones. They are designed to present great accuracy in weighing, but with divisions up to 0.001g.