Distilation moisture tester CA50

The CA50 distillation grain moisture tester is a precision electrical instrument, which was applied in advanced Gehaka design succeeded by years of research and experience in the production of grain moisture meters.

Designed to measure the grain moisture content in a sample, the percentage result is read directly into the graduated cylinder, after some simple operations.
The CA50 is compact, resistant to the continuous use.


Video de demonstração do CA50


It is an equipment that can be used both in laboratory and in industry to check the precision of electronic moisture tester.
It has 99,7% resolution compared with the Standard Oven Method.

Accessories: Temperature sensor / Rubber lib / Cooler / Erlenmeyer / Aluminum tube (Erlenmeyer protector) / 25ml graduates cylinder / Protector cap / Connection clip


Technical specification

Consume 250 watts
External dimensions (W x H x D) 300mm x 170mm x 250mm
Indication of the specific weight 0 ~ 50%
Instrument net weight 5.0 kg
Power source Only 220 Volts - 50/60 Hz
Temperature setting range 0,1%

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